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Volume 3, Number 1   (Year-2017) :   In Progress    (Accepting Submissions)

Original Article
Meaning, relevance and prospects of psychology: A survey of undergraduate students of University of Ibadan
N. A. Shenge, R. A. Adu
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2017;3:19–23.  Article ID: 100012P13NS2017  doi: 10.5348/P13-2017-12-OA-3
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Original Article
Prevalence of and factors associated with adjustment problems among first year students in St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Hadgu Gerensea, Almaz Seid, Girma Lemma, Patricia Malloy
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2017;3:10–18.  Article ID: 100011P13HG2017  doi: 10.5348/P13-2017-11-OA-2
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Review Article
A critical evaluation of the conceptual model and empirical evidence for current cognitive behavioral approaches to post-traumatic stress disorder from a counseling psychology perspective
Catherine Athanasiadou-Lewis
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2017;3:1–9.  Article ID: 100010P13CA2017  doi:10.5348/P13-2017-10-RA-1
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Volume 2, Number 1 (January- June 2016)

Original Article
Influence of parents educational background on career choice of teenagers among senior secondary school students in Owerri
Miracle Ifeoma Mbagwu, Okechukwu Odinaka Ajaegbu
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2016;2:14–20.  Article ID: 100009P13MM2016  doi:10.5348/P13-2016-9-OA-3
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Short Report
Different forms of life satisfaction and their relation to affectivity
Claudia Harzer, Christian Ehrlich
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2016;2:8–13.  Article ID: 100008P13CH2016  doi:10.5348/P13-2016-8-SR-2
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Original Article
Personal features and well-being as predictors of meaning in life among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in Nigeria
Arinola O. Deko, Rachel B. Asagba, Samson Femi Agberotimi, Cynthia Wimberly
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2016;2:1–7.  Article ID: 100007P13AD2016  doi:10.5348/P13-2016-7-OA-1
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Volume 1, Number 2 (July - December 2015)

Original Article
Personality factors as correlates of substance abuse among officers of Nigeria immigration service
Okhakhume Aide Sylvester, Abayomi Oladele Olaseni
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:37–41.  Article ID: 100006P13OS2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-6-OA-6
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Scientific debate in medicine
Salvatore Chirumbolo
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:33–36.  Article ID: 100005P13SC2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-5-ED-5
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Original Article
Attention allocation to attachment-related and general emotional words: An event-related brain potential investigation of the effects of attachment-style and relationship status
Laura M. Lathrop, Isabel A. Davis, Michael A. Kisley
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:22–32.  Article ID: 100004P13LL2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-4-OA-4
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Online chatrooms for drug users in China: A new kind of social tumor
ZhuoLi Tao
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:18–21.  Article ID: 100003P13ZT2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-3-ED-3
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Volume 1, Number 1 (January- June 2015)

Original Article
Face and emotional expression processing and event-related potentials in a case study of impaired face perception
Lucy J. Troup, Stephanie Bastidas, Jason S. Nomi, Maia T. Nguyen, Tien Tong
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:9–17.  Article ID: 100002P13LT2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-2-OA-2
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Original Article
Efficacy of psychoeducation and problem-solving therapy on mathematics anxiety among selected secondary school students in Ilesa, Osun state, Nigeria
Samson Femi Agberotimi, Abayomi Oladele Olaseni, Olaitan Temitayo Oladele
Edorium Journal of Psychology 2015;1:1–8.  Article ID: 100001P13SA2015  doi:10.5348/P13-2015-1-OA-1
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